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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  January 12, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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this is wusa 9 news. good evening. tonight in your only local news at 7:00 p.m., woman scorned. a 42-year-old woman now in jail
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after she ran down her ex and his new girlfriend. a university of maryland straight a student murdered in his home. a prince george's county man shot to death as police say he was breaking into someone's home. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." i'm delia gonclaves. 30-year-old collide howard was shot and killed when he trade breaking into someone's home four blocks away from his own. we spoke to the man who pulled the trigger. he will not go on camera for fear of retaliation but says he felt his life and family's lives were in jeopardy. he ran down the stairs when he heard a window break and saw a hand reaching for a set of keys inside the door. he tells 9news now he yelled several times warning the man he would shoot but the suspect continued on. that's when he says he fired
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his shotgun through another window pane. >> everybody knows the number of homicides that have occurred in this county so that puts a homeowner on a heightened sense of alert. i'm bruce leshan at the university of maryland college park where we now have the name of the student who was shot in his home just off campus. he is justin deshaw overcash. 22 years old. a straight a student in geo dynamics but police believe he may have been leading a second life selling marijuana out of his house just off campus. the working theory is that his killer came to the house to rob him of drugs and cash and ended up shooting him repeatedly. witnesses saw a man in a black ski mask running away from the house and he remains at large. police say in the student home on 38th street they found a digital scale, drug packaging materials and marijuana in
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sufficient quantity to indicate intent to distribute. i'm kristin fisher. a woman is charged after ramming her vehicle into her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend. the couple was approach by 42- year-old cynthia duckett who said, oh, she is pregnant, i'm going to cut the baby out of that..." she got back in her car, hit the gas and slammed into them. this is video. the female victim, who was seven months pregnant had to have an emergency c-section. duckett was arrested and told police she bumped her head as she was getting into the vehicle and she then blackedded out and did not remember what happened. she has been charged with assault with attempt to kill. president obama is visiting congresswoman gabrielle
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giffords and the other victims in saturday's shooting in tucson. then he hands over to the university of arizona campus for a memorial service for the victims. all that as new details coming out about the suspect. jared lee loughner was pulled over police say for running a red light just three hours before saturday's shooting. the officer let him go with a warning. from what i have seen none of the interactions or even the totality would lead any police officer to conclude that this guy would grab gun and go shoot 20 people. >> the police are still shooting for the black bag that jared lee loughner's father says he saw him take out of the trunk saturday morning. this morning sarah palin spoke out about the tucson shootings in a video posted on facebook. she called the events tragic and offered her sympathies but she also criticized those who
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may have suggested that her rhetoric may have something to do with it much. >> journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel that serves only to insight the very hatred and violence that they purport to condemn. >> sarah palin is being criticized today for those words and blood libel long referred to allege appeals that jews murdered children for spiritual rituals. was she wrong in her choice on words and was her message on target? tell us what you think. e-mail us at this winter is quickly becoming one to remember or perhaps one to forget if you live up in new england. the storm that dropped a couple of inches here in town now dropping a couple of feet up
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there. parts of massachusetts were expecting up to 30 inches of snow. and the governor there has called out the national guard. more than 100,000 people in massachusetts without power and right next door in conneticut 2 plus feet of the white stuff set a single day record. luckly we have missed the brunt of all that but we have not missed out on the cold temperatures. meteorologist topper shutt on the weather terrace with more words on how low it will go. get a hat, top. >> no doubt about that. remember, that snow in new england fell on top of 1 to 2 feet. let's look at the satellite picture. still throwing up there. pretty heavily in fact. we have snow showers across the mountains and a few snow flurries in southern maryland. that's about it. our big story is indeed the temperatures and windchill. right now 32 downtown. 27 gaithersburg. 28 leesburg. 30 in manassas. you need to dress for the teens. feels like are teens everywhere except downtown where it feels
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like it is 21 degrees. for tonight, partly cloudy, windchills after midnight 5 to 15. lows 18 to 26. winds still howling north west at 10 to 20. we will come back, talk about when the winds subside and will look ahead to a whether i will bit of a warming trend. we will tell you when that rolls in as well. >> thank you, topper. you can be forgiven if you do not recall the name theresa chambers. more than six years since she was fired. her offense, complaining publicly that her department was underfunded and understaffed. well, at the time the interior department said she had violated protocol and ignored the chain of command but yesterday the protection board ruled in her favor. she gets her old job back not to mention $840,000 in back pay. theresa chambers joining us live. thank you for coming in, w appreciate it. >> thank you, derek. >> you must be one of the few
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that still believe. talk about the news. >> it was stunned silence. when i saw the order and saw i was being returned to my job, it took awhile to absorb after all these years and it was actually seven years ago from when i was first sent home and then later in the following year that i was fired. >> now, all that time you had actually gone out and gotten another job as a police chief in suburban maryland. >> yes. >> how did you keep fighting and keep your spirits up all the time? >> we are faithful people. my husband was at my side and we believe that prayer and standing up for the right thing would bring justice. it finally did. >> are they going to give you your job back? >> they have not told us if they are going to exercise that right. but looks like they have to make their decision quickly. the board has given them 20 days to reinstate me. >> do you want to go back as chief? aren't they still underfunded and have the same problems before. >> it is such a privilege to work in that organization, you
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bet i want to go back. >> what is the big lesson for you by hanging in? >> it is worth sticking to one conviction but at the end of the day it is myself that i have to look at in the mirror and to stand up and do what is right and hopefully that's a role model for other people. >> have you talked to people in that department right now? how do they feel about what's hand and how do they people about the status of the force itself? >> derek, there have been so many supporters that have been hoping for this day. while there may not have been a lot of changes staffing wise it has been a tough few years for our economy and we all have to work with the resources we have. but what a privilege it will be to go back there and serve both the law enforcement professions and my country with the united states. >> congratulations on your victory. appreciate you coming by and talking with us tonight. >> you bet. >> still to come on 9news now. the cold weather has local firefighters venturing out onto thin ice. how they plan to stay ready to rescue those who may have to fall through. but up next, one year ago, haiti rocked by an earthquake
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that left a quarter of a million dead and whole country in ruins. how that country is doing now 12 months later. we will be right back.
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today marks one year since an earthquake ravaged haiti and killed more than 1 million people. all across the nation today people stopped, prayed and marked the day that they will never forget. but on this an anniverary some 800,000 earthquake survivors are still homeless. almost $6 billion of aid money has been pledged but reconstruction has been slow going. a local catholic priest was in haiti a year ago and believes his surviving the quake is nothing short of a miracle. last january 12 he was visiting a family outside port-au-prince when the quake caused most of the rooms in the house he was
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in to collapse. >> and i tried to move out. and we were crying yelling jesus, jesus, save us. >> the father says today is a time for reflection and prayer for haitians everywhere. maryland state lawmakers are back in annapolis trying to figure out how to deal with a 1.6 billion shortfall and that is just one of the issues the general assembly will tackle in its annual 90-day session that convened this morning. they will debate legislation legalizing same same-sex marriage early in the session. it was the same scene down in richmond this morning. virginia legislators kicking off their session. issues lawmakers will face there is governor mcdonnell's plan to privatize licker liquor stores. still to come, toppers tells us if it gets warmer anytime soon and how about that
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weekend? a potential new parkinson's treatment unlike any other and it is a drug that's already on the market. full details of this brand-new study when we come back.
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can destroy brain cells. next step, try the drug on animals. right now most of the drugs for parkinson's only treat symptoms. today the montgomery county school system recognized staff members who took part in a 12- week health competition. there was some exerciseses. over the course of the 12-week program elementary school staff members were boosting their physical fitness and eating better. earned them thousands of dollars in more playground equipment. for more stories from where you live go to and find your community in where you live section to keep up what is happening in your neighborhood. if you have a story or tip from us contact us and be a part of the team. we certainly did not get the feet of snow that new england did from last night's storm, snow and ice that did fall did have some schools canceling classes or perhaps
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opening late like right here down in arlington. interestingly that may have had something to with the decent morning commute. maryland state police say road conditions were pretty good and they did see one car roll overover after hitting a slick spot in bethesda. now, the recent cold snap and winter weather is giving local emergency workers a rare opportunity to practice their water rescues on ice. our own thomas james is there as the prince george's county rescuers made the plunge. >> reporter: they crawled, pitched, pulled. all in freezing temperatures. >> keep reaching in. >> reporter: firefighters and rescue workers in prince george's county are taking part in an ice rescue class. >> i'm looking forward to seeing what kind of ice we have out here today and seeing if we stay on top of it or if we fall through. >> reporter: the principal has been here for eight years. clearly the ice was thin and he fell through several times. >> it is very soft. only about a quarter of an inch
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thick. >> reporter: he braves the every year. >> we have to be ready for any emergency that meeting arise. a lot of us in this job that's what we are here for to take a difference. >> reporter: assistant chief saying the conditions provide a unique opportunity to keep these re cue workers on their toes. >> the suits do a great job of keeping them buoyant and warm but it is a foreign environment. we want them to get used to that. get usedded to hooking into the ropes and doing the rope techniques so an emergency, if it should occur, they are well prepared in how to deal with it. >> reporter: even though it is rare here, they remind everyone to stay away from the ice. >> we have done a pretty effective job of keeping the public off the ice. it rarely gets thick enough to be safe to go out on. >> i wouldn't suggest it to anyone. >> reporter: thomas james, 9 news now. >> even if you're wearing one of those suits it looks really
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cold. ice never gets thick enough to hold your body weight so just stay away. >> topper says that all time. >> tempting because it has been pretty cold out there. don't walk on ice out there. we are looking at winds now from the storm. the storm is still producing snow in parts of new england. we will show you that in a man. winds setting up some pretty cold windchills. if you're going out for dinner tonight, it feels like it is in the teens. 16 in leesburg. 14 in gaithersburg. feels like 14 in frederick. 10 in haggerstown. zooming now into the storm. this has become a massive storm. almost a cold core hurricane really. snow totals that aren't final. 23 inches in hartford. central park got off easy with 10 inches. storm intensified father north than forecasted so new york was spared a huge storm but still coastal conneticut, northward, it got hammered again.
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this snow fell on top of 1 to 2 feet. still there from the christmas storm. as far as we are concerned windy conditions continuing tonight and tomorrow and few clouds pushing through. a couple of flurries earlier. that is about it. here's the deal. stays cold and breezy. black ice is possible tonight and tomorrow morning. so what appears wet is probably frozen. be careful walking and driving. low windchills. good news is we are dry for the rest of the week and milder weather is on the way. may take awhile. all right, tonight, partly cloudy, breezy and cold. windchill is 5 to 15 after the midnight hour. lows 18 to 26 and winds, north west 10 to 20. that will drive the windchills down. temperatures tonight for lows. 19 in gaithersburg, 20 in bowie, 20 in sterling. teens leesburg. 19 in manassas. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, breezy, cold. temperatures 20s to 30s. focus on the windchills tomorrow. holding in the 20s in the afternoon with highs between 30
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and 35. next three days cold tomorrow. cold on friday. little better on saturday. we could put a flake or a drop on saturday. i think most of the activity will stay in the mountains on saturday. next seven days. sunday some clouds around. we will call partly sunny. 43. now a little milder. martin luther king. mid-40s. tuesday we could see a mix to rain. yesterday we had snow to rain. maybe a mix for rain. don't see a bad ice storm, not really a big deal. temperatures 50 on tuesday with rain. then looking at temperatures in the 40s on wednesday with some showers. >> got to like that mild weather. >> not bad. >> thank you, sir. from our weird news file. technically they weren't drivings so how did two guys drunk in texas end up in jail on a dui. it turns out the two were riding farm animals in downtown austin last friday when the cops scooped in on them. the two had come into town with their horse trailer but after having a few drinks or maybe a
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lot more than a few they were reportedly riding the horse as a mule and they were arrested and as this dash cam video may show, they were hurting a little bit. you know. not able really to do the sobriety test. now, the question thing is, the lesson about this is they weren't actually driving a motor vehicle, were they. so those dui charges were later dropped. however, prosecutors do say that public drunkenness is still on the table. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag at
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in the mail bag tonight in the aftermath of the massacre in tucson, guns, guns and more guns. pete from rockville assumes that i want to take away your guns. derek, you oppose people carrying handguns to keep them or their family's safe. i believe that any law abiding citizen has the right to carry a handgun as long as they qualify as the same procedures as law enforcement does. wrong, pete, i'm not against it. protect yourself if that's what you need.
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i just am worried that some people that shouldn't have a gun can get a gun as easily as you can. another person said when i'm giving a presentation i'm too busy with that. keep the weapon at home so you can defend your family if some nut breaks down your door. it would be far more effective for congress and have someone can watch the crowd. then there from mike in culpeper, virginia. my view on what happened in tucson is as if i was the congresswoman, you better believe i will do everything in my power to pull and fire my gun before he has a chance to put one in my head. remember, guns are only the means. sick people are the way. this is what our liberal laws have allowed. mike, what laws are you talking about? in arizona you don't need a permit to carry a concealed weapon and if you're a gun user you already know, once somebody has a drop on you with a gun to your head only in the movies
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can you whip yours out fast enough to shoot him first. joe actually had a legal gun on the scene, ran out to help, saw someone with a gun but thank goodness he never fired a shot. you want to know why? our website has a whole page dedicated to the tragedy in tucson. it is also on our wusa9 facebook page. that's our report. i'll be back tonight at 11:00 p.m. with anita. don't forget, log on to nix. we will see you later. have a good evening. buy-buy. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment news magazine in the world. >> the travoltas' new baby. the first photo of john and kelly's baby boy, ben. >> plus kate hudson baby news. is she pregnant? what we know tonight. homeless announcer ted williams heading to rehab. >> the cat is out of the bag, yes, i you relapsed into a drink. >> his surprise decision. >> this notoriety is too much for him. >> can he beat his demons? >> he drinks heavily. >> plus we have several teeth here that are infected. >> can his smile be saved? >> larry birkhead's little girl, dannielynn, the brand new video with mark. happy, healthy, four years after anna nicole's death. >> she knows her mom is in heaven.


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